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KOKUYO Saxa Scissors Blue

RM 39.90

KOKUYO Saxa Scissors Blue
- Kokuyo Development "Hybrid Arch Blade" is mounted, because the angle of the blade gradually spreads over the cutting edge, even those which were difficult to cut until now can be cut with light power from the root to the cutting edge.
- "3D Glueless Structure" minimizing the contact area of the blades makes it hard to stick glue to the part where the blade contacts even if cutting adhesive tape or the like.
- Titanium coating, it will last up to 1 million times to last. When cutting high quality paper (64 g / sq. Meter)
- The weight of the main body becomes lighter (compared with the conventional product), the burden on holding it is reduced.
- As the width of the steering wheel becomes wider, fingers are easy to insert, and the wide fit handle which reduces the burden per finger is adopted.

Blade type: Titanium, Glueless blade
Outer dimensions:
-Total length 174 / Width 75
Blade transfer size: 65
Thickness: 1.5