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Hi and welcome to Labiri ラビリ!

Here we have our own specially designed stickers and Rubber stamps. There's also other things in the shop, so shop around and we hope you'll find goodies to your liking :) 

How our name came about...

For you curious shoppers who's wondering why we are named " LABIRI" or in Katakana ラビリ is read as ( RA BI RI ). , It comes from the word "Labyrinth" (a complicated irregular network of passages or paths in which it is difficult to find one's way; a maze.) and it happened when the creator of Labiri found herself stuck in multiple stationery shop especially the ones she visit in Japan. 

Since then she is inspired to create her handmade range of stationery starting from stickers and slowly moving to rubber stamps. 

Our goal is that one day we'll have a small studio shop featuring our handmade products and other curated stationeries.